We have prepared loyalty discounts for our regular clients. For more information please contact: info@stehovanikulovyblesk.cz.

In the case of weekend or holiday jobs, we do not charge any extra fee, nor do we charge a surcharge per floor (except for heavy loads).
If the job lasts more than 12 hours, the customer is not charged for the delivery of the car, which is 350,- CZK. The shortest duration of the order is 2 hours.
For each hour we charge according to the price list.

  • Free mileage in Prague
  • Free delivery of the car at the address for a certain number of hours
  • Free rental of boxes and wardrobe boxes
  • Free floors at no extra charge
  • Weekends and holidays jobs without any extra charge
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly at no extra charge
  • Free calculation and inspection by a technician



+ 1 additional worker 690,-/hour
+ additional 2 workers  890,-/hour
+ 3 additional workers 1.300,-/hour
+ 4 more workers 1.600,-/hour
+ another worker 220,-/hour
1 km outside Prague 18,- 


+ additional worker 900,-/hour
+ 2 additional workers 1.100,-/hour
+ 3 additional workers 1.400,-/hour
+ 4 more workers 1.600,-/hour
+ another worker 210,-/hour
1 km outside Prague 22,-


+ 1 additional worker 1.200,-/hour
+ 2 additional workers 1.400,-/hour
+ 3 additional workers 1.700,-/hour
+ 4 more workers 1.900,-/hour
+ another worker 290,-/hour
1 km outside Prague 22,- 

*Heavy loads / extra charges

1.090,- 100-200kg +200 each floor/25m delivery
1.690,- 200-300kg +300 each floor/25m delivery
2.790,- 300-400kg   price individually
3.890,- 400-500kg   price individually

The pricing is approximate! Rates are per employee.
*Pricing for heavy loads is negotiated individually.
Prices for oversized items (200kg+) can be checked with the dispatcher. For moves that are longer than 8 hours, we charge an extra 25% of the hourly rate for each additional hour. The same applies for moves after 10pm, this is a nightly surcharge. Prices excluding transport- only service ordering 1-5 employees applies the same hourly rate as for MOVING DELIVERY 16-18m3. Prices are without VAT.