We have many years of experience in moving apartments and houses.


We relocate over 500 companies annually. Quickly, safely and without interruption of service.


Move your belongings safely and without worry. We provide international removals.


We clear all properties and premises. We dispose of everything in an environmentally friendly way at a collection yard.


1. Survey of the area by an experienced technician.
2. Preparation of a moving plan.
3. Insurance of belongings.
4. We will deliver the moving vehicle to the address at the time of your choice.
5. If necessary, we carry out disassembly, packing of furniture and other items.
6. Packing services and other security measures.
7. Loading of items into the vehicle.
8. Use of special handling equipment.
9. Journey at the place of unloading.
10. Unloading according to your requirements (we will place the furniture in the required position).
11. Possible assembly of furniture.

During the moving process, our company will be responsible for your belongings, insurance of your belongings against damage is completely FREE during the entire process. Therefore, check all your belongings after the move so that we can photograph everything and send it to the insurance company in case some damage occured. If you pack your belongings by yourself, unfortunately we are not responsible for any damage to them. We only guarantee the items packed by our qualified staff.
The rental of boxes for moving is absolutely FREE, the refundable deposit is 70 CZK when returning the boxes.

Packing material one-time fee 300,- (bubble wrap, foil).
For Express moving within 24h. We charge an additional fee of 500-4000,- unless we agree otherwise. The reason why we charge an express fee is because we have to shift agreed jobs, employees work beyond their agreed working hours, etc.


We are a reliable and quality moving company that has extensive experience in moving abroad, so we are a great choice in this matter. It doesn’t matter whether we are moving within Prague area, Czech Republic or the European Union. We will transport your belongings safely to their destination without you having to worry about them any more and you can arrive at your destination comfortably, for example by plane. Your belongings are insured up to CZK 2,000,000 during transport. Therefore, you can be worry-free at this point.
We also offer services such as assistance with packing or unpacking during the move. Of course, we also assemble and disassemble the furniture.
We also offer you a service where we “combine moving” and thus you get a much better price.
We send quotations without toll charges.
Due to constant price changes we charge a toll after the completion of the moving work according to the current prices.
We will move you anywhere you want!


We are able to provide you not just moving and removal services, but also storage of your belongings. We have storage premises ranging from 1m2 to 200m2. These spaces are clean, dry and heated. They are located in a secure area under CCTV surveillance. The warehouse can be visited at any time, things can be picked up or anything can be taken away or imported. Virtually anything can be stored, furniture, personal belongings, bicycles, garden furniture etc.. Storage can be used for short or long periods of time.

Payment is once a month and the price ranges from 500Kč-6000Kč depending on the amount of belongings.
– The warehouse is secured and monitored
– Flexible price
– Constant access to things
If you are having things stored, you need to make a list of them. The colleagues who will take over the items will check everything and at the end they will sign and stamp the list, adding any discrepancies to the list. We have a saying that order makes friends 🙂 . That’s why you need a list of things. Without it, we don’t accept any claims or losses.
Please check the list when you receive the items.


We clear all properties and premises for example:
Basements, attics, gardens, houses, flats, cottages, garages, offices, garden houses, hazardous waste, etc.
The necessary disposal fee for 1 cubic meter (m3) is CZK 500,-. The price varies depending on the material, contamination, etc.
The final price will be communicated to you by colleagues on site when they see everything.
We do the clearance on a turnkey basis and will hand over the property/space to you clean and tidy, we will arrange everything without unnecessary delays.


We provide painting works. We also offer painting service. Have you moved into a new apartment or house and need to paint it before moving in, but don’t feel like doing it? Or on the other hand, you will be leaving the place you have been living and need to hand it over freshly painted and don’t want to spend time covering things up and painting without seeing a quality result?

Contact us and we will take care of everything.
We always determine the price for painting individually after a phone call or a personal inspection, which is of course free of charge.

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